Dead Sea Navigators Anchor

Blending the melancholy of afterhours piano with distorted bass, analogue electronica and downtempo rhythm, Dead Sea Navigators mix a dark cocktail of theatrical indie/lounge for the entertainment of late night drifters.

Like drunken confessions, their songs veer from low-spoken intimacy to growling anger and resentment at the drop of a glass. These are the tales of closing time, and the cabaret of characters that perform within.

“[Dead Sea Navigators] take the cabaret pianos of ’70s Bowie and give them a modern, widescreen twist… Their music feels hungry, depraved and lost in acidic waters. It’s a dark and terrible vision for sure, but they sound bloody huge.”
live review)


19th May 2017

Our new 3 track single “Destroyer” is out today! Available on all digital platforms. Buy/listen:



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April 2017

Our new tracks are currently being mastered and will be gracing your ears in the very near future.
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Back Catalogue

In the run up to the release of our new tunes, we’re going to be uploading our back catalogue to YouTube to whet your already insatiable appetite! Here’s the first one, Actors, from our Uncharted EP.