Dead Sea Navigators are:

Steph  – Vocals, Piano, Synths
Nik  – Bass
Claire – Drums

Individually, we’ve been around the music business block, touring, recording etc.

Together, we write the music we want to play and hear.


“[Dead Sea Navigators] take the cabaret pianos of ’70s Bowie and give them a modern, widescreen twist… Their music feels hungry, depraved and lost in acidic waters. It’s a dark and terrible vision for sure, but they sound bloody huge.”
live review)

“For those wanting an intelligent and engaged record, combining moments of calm with a bold, dramatic approach, Uncharted proves to be a very rewarding listen. Sometimes it’s worth going into uncharted territory.”
(Flush the Fashion)

“Dr Crellin could in fact be at the end of a Stephen Spielberg film, even placed into the background of the trailer, the song just feels so alive, so many different textures.
(Sonrisa FM)